6 Things That Can Discolor Your Extension Hair

Are your wefts looking a little discolored? Here are 6 things that can not only discolor your wefts (particularly if you’re a blonde), but that can also be drying and damaging beyond just the discoloration they can cause.

Purple Shampoo
  • Most purple shampoo is way too strong for extensions which are processed and porous, and chances are it won’t correct the warmth you’re trying to eliminate because most hand-tied weft installations include a combination of colors that need to be colored separately, or you risk turning your blonde purple! Leave the color correcting to your stylists at your maintenance appointment, when we can remove and address the color of each weft individually. If you’re looking for a shampoo to keep your blonde tones bright until your next maintenance appointment, try Unite Blonda Daily (not toning!).
Chlorine / Lake / Salt Water
  • Minerals in man made or natural bodies of water and extensions do not mix, period. Saturate your hair with water, spray on Unite 7Seconds Leave-In Detangler, and enter the pool at your own risk! If you ask us, it’s better to sip your margarita poolside while rocking a sexy topknot!
Products purchased in a Drugstore or on Amazon
  • These products just don’t compare to salon quality color-safe products, please trust us on this one. When we see color fade or discoloration, the first question we ask is: What products are you using at home?Chances are if you’re buying at the drugstore or on Amazon, your product is to blame for discolored hair. Why? Because most “salon” products that are purchased outside of an authorized salon are diluted, expired, full of bacteria, or completely counterfeit. It’s not worth saving a few bucks on your product to completely ruin your investment in your extensions!
Using Hot Tools with No Heat Protectant
  • Heat burns… period. If you’re not using a heat protectant, your blonde extension hair (and natural hair!) will gradually turn a sad shade of yellow-orange. Spray Unite 7Seconds Glossing heat protectant on each section before using heat, take smaller sections, and turn your irons down to 300 degrees or less – you can thank us later!
Cigarette Smoke
  • That yellow in your hair is nicotine, ladies. Gross. Ditch the cigs – they’re so early 2000s. Have pretty hair AND be healthier!
Sunscreen, Self-Tanner, and Spray Tans, OH MY!
  • You’ve heard this before – even if it’s not tinted, there are ingredients in your sunscreen that will turn your hair orange. So far we have discovered Sun Bum Mineral spray, Bare Republic mineral spray, and Aveeno Protect and Refresh spray sunscreens to be safe for extensions – HOWEVER – we still recommend to make sure your hair is pulled up and covered AND that it doesn’t touch your skin until sunscreen or that fresh layer of spray tan is washed off!

If you want your gorgeous wefts to last you 7-9 months or longer, steer clear of the things on our list. If you don’t… well, don’t be surprised when your stylist tells you she’ll need to replace your extension hair sooner than you expected!


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