A Luxe Experience Requires a Luxe Team

Sometimes, what I think makes Heyday special and what YOU think makes Heyday special are two very different things. Recently, a guest’s remark about our team made me realize, while I pride myself in putting careful attention into curating every little detail of our space and experience, it’s our service that makes a visit to Heyday Collective EXTRA unique!

At the Atelier, our details like the pure butter shortbread cookie with your freshly brewed toasted marshmallow latte, the steamed towel with aromatherapy after your scalp massage at the shampoo bowl, the hand-written thank you note after your visit, the card with a QR code linking you to a helpful resource to care for your extensions, or the product we gift every bride to help prep her hair for her bridal styling… all of these little details seem natural to us because it’s what we do. And of course, it’s those elevated and intentional little details you’ve come to know and expect from us if you’ve been a guest of ours.

But when a new-to-Heyday guest remarked about how our team worked together like nothing she’d ever experienced, it made me realize, it’s not just the tangible extras we provide. To her, we were a well-oiled machine, one artist working to revive the color and condition of her extension hair while the other artist worked magic on her own hair color, doing their delicate dance of timing and precision while the guest never went a single moment feeling neglected. She felt like a celebrity when both artists swooped in for the blowout while she sipped her sparkling rosé and we reinstalled her extension hair in perfectly-timed rhythm. This acknowledgement of something we know to be an everyday normal experience as something that was over-the-top for our guest was a heart-swelling reminder of why we do what we do. Oh yeah, honeythis is not your average salon appointment, because we aren’t your average salon!

I’ve been so blessed this year to find some incredibly kind and talented women who share my vision of luxury service. First, we welcomed talented colorist + extensions artist Madeline Mazzola, who I have told many of you over the last several months that I’ve been recruiting for over a year to come work with us! Some of you know Madeline from the early Heydays when she assisted alongside me as a student before earning her cosmetology license, going on to work at other salons and train under some of the nation’s best artists, and quickly becoming one of Cleveland’s most sought after dimensional colorists! I am overjoyed to have Madeline back with our team; her attention to detail rivals my own and I would happily trust her hands in my hair or that of any of my own guests!

Most recently, Samantha Anderson joined our team as our newest co-stylist and is training alongside both Madeline and myself to provide multi-dimensional color and extensions services. She’s already mastered the art of our elevated guest experience and let me tell you… from what we’ve seen so far in her training, she is a NATURAL when it comes to color and extensions! True, natural talent is hard to come by in this industry but talent AND a down-to-earth, lovable personality together are rare. If you haven’t met her yet, we can’t wait for you to – we found ourselves a gem in Samantha and we’re holding on tight to her!

Megan Cox continues to be our lead bridal artist, HaloCouture expert, and my right hand when it comes to hand-tied hair installations. She leads the way when it comes to eye-catching and entertaining social content and her knowledge and expertise of all things Heyday made for a welcoming transition for both Madeline and Samantha as they joined our team this fall. She’s Master of Ceremonies, the glue that holds the place together, and everyone’s go-to for answers if I’m out of office!

With more artists joining our team and learning to work together to provide a flawless appointment flow from start to finish, I’m thrilled to be able to offer our indulgent service experience to MORE women in Cleveland, to encourage this elevated level of pampering and self-care on a regular basis, and to raise the bar for what your salon experience should be.

I am grateful beyond words for your support over the last few years of growth since I opened the doors to Heyday Collective: The Atelier in 2018… and I am SO EXCITED for 2022 and what’s to come for all of us! Thank you for being a part of our Heyday Collective!