Designed with specialty services in mind, independent artists at The Atelier have access to provide upgraded amenities and a private, luxury experience for their guests. An intimate oasis by design, The Atelier is the perfect space to host bridal parties, classes, and intimate events.

An intimate salon oasis

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Extensions Shadowing & Mentorship

Bridal, Educator, & Event Hosting

Luxury Retail, Backbar, & Upgraded Amenities

Offering a unique leasing experience

When a studio doesn’t quite feel like the ultimate VIP experience you want to provide your guests, The Atelier is the perfect luxury upgrade: a collaborative, open salon space that feels both private and welcoming, catering exclusively to guests who desire a more intimate and transformative beauty experience.

The Atelier’s VIP boutique experience offers independent artists an intimate space to focus on specializing in luxury services.

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Located on the second floor of the Forest City building in the middle of vibrant, eclectic Ohio City, The Atelier is a hidden gem, created to be the ultimate self-care salon retreat for women only. A glass door adorned with Heyday Collective’s signature golden crown opens to a bright and airy space, a private oasis, perfectly designed for both transformative beauty appointments and intimate gatherings alike.

4506 Lorain Avenue, Suite 1 

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The atelier:
Ohio city

The atelier — Ohio city

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Are you a bridal artist or an educator? Offer The Atelier for the morning of your bride’s wedding or host a class of up to 20 stylists. Collective artists receive a special rate for this leasing option.

Event Artist

Ideal for out-of-state specialty artists who desire a VIP environment during occasional visits to Cleveland, or the local specialty artist who typically works on location but would benefit from a salon environment 1-2 days a week consistently.

Guest Artist

For the specialty artist whose ideal salon experience includes a 3-4 day work week, niche clientele, luxury retail commissions, backbar, and upgraded amenities. Collective artists enjoy exclusive benefits such as special Event and Shadowing Artist lease rates.

Collective Artist

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