HaloCouture combines the dramatic transformation of hair extensions with the ease of temporary pieces that can be worn and removed daily for hair that is effortlessly gorgeous and always perfectly styled.

Heyday halocouture

Experience the magic of a HaloCouture Consultation and watch closely as your stylist transforms your look in a matter of minutes! Try on one or two or ALL of our sample Halos to figure out which piece is perfect for you.

Once we've ordered your Halo, we'll schedule your Luxury Pickup appointment where you'll come in for a shampoo, deep conditioning treatment with aromatherapy, blowout, and finished style with the addition of your new HaloCouture piece which has been custom-fitted, colored, and cut just for you.

The Heyday Halo Experience

HaloCouture piece, colored (if necessary), cut and styled
Luxury Pickup Appointment: shampoo, deep conditioning treatment with aromatherapy, blowout, fitting, cut, and education

All Heyday HaloCouture purchases include:

request a heyday Halocouture consultation

$535 + tax

The woman who wants to enhance the volume of her ponytail, bun, or up-style - highly recommended for the bride desiring a fuller bun or high ponytail.

Who it's for:

The Ponytail

$895—1030 + tax

The woman who wants more coverage for thinning or graying hair, the woman who wants a lot of extra volume, or the woman who wants to pair with a Halo for a dramatic transformation to her naturally shorter hair.

Who it's for:

The Fall

$680—985 + tax

The woman who has a bit more hair naturally, whether it is thicker or "fine but plentiful" and who is trying to achieve natural-looking length.

Who it's for:

The Layered Halo

$535—940 + tax

The woman with fine or thin hair who would like to add volume to her current natural length or add "skinny length" to her natural hair.

Who it's for:

The Original Halo


request a halo maintenance appointment


Cleanse + Condition
Custom Color Refresh
Luxury Pickup

Maintenance Services

Keep your HaloCouture piece in premium condition for the duration of its lifespan by allowing us to provide professional cleansing, coloring, and re-conditioning with high-quality, extension-specific product. Why wrestle with your Halo at home when you can simply drop off your piece and pick it up in 1-3 business days, ready to wear? 

Want a little extra pampering? Schedule a Luxury Pickup appointment and allow us to take care of you, too!

Take care of your hair

Maintenance for your halo

Maybe you’re not local and can’t come in for a consultation, or maybe you’re just curious as to what we’d recommend for you before you come in for a consultation.

Click below to take our Heyday HaloCouture quiz and based on your responses, we will provide our professional recommendation for the appropriate HaloCouture piece(s) and provide next steps for getting your dream hair!

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