Why You Should Buy Your Hair Products in the Salon (and NOT on Amazon)!

Have you ever wondered why your stylist is always telling you NOT to buy hair products on Amazon, or from any place other than a professional salon or authorized retailer like a beauty supply store?

It’s not because we want to “take your money”… it’s because we can’t guarantee that product unless it’s purchased in a salon. Why? Because that product you’re buying at Target or CVS or on Amazon with 2-day shipping has been DIVERTED which means it is likely diluted, expired, contaminated, or all-together counterfeit.

Independent tests of diverted (counterfeit) salon products contained dangerous levels of bacteria that can make you seriously sick, cause allergic reactions, infection, and even hair loss. It is NOT worth saving a few bucks simply because you spot your products “on sale” on the shelf at the grocery store.

But besides all these scary details around diverted products, we have an even BETTER reason why you should be purchasing your products at Heyday Collective!

With our REWARDS PROGRAM, you automatically earn 1 point for every dollar you spend in the salon on retail products, halo or hand-tied weft purchases, and add-on treatments! Your rewards points are calculated and banked in your Vagaro account automatically, and available to use once you have enough accrued enough to earn a free service! You don’t have to do a thing!

So save your hair by purchasing products you can trust from US! Need us to remind you? Just respond to your appointment reminder email and we’ll make sure to set aside your products for you! See you soon!



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