How to Combat Tangles with Your Hand-Tied Hair

It’s that time of the year again ladies, and I know we’re all digging out our favorite cowl-necked fuzzy sweaters and giant scarves to celebrate the chill in the air. But for those of us with hand-tied hair (or any type of extensions for that matter), dry heat, static electricity, and friction from your favorite bulky sweaters and scarves combined with processed extension hair and your own fine, dry hair are a recipe for disaster if you aren’t prepared! Lucky for you, we’ve made a list of our top tips for combating tangles so you don’t have to just give up and move to a warmer climate (although, that doesn’t sound too horrible right about now…)

  1. BRUSHING + STYLING: If you don’t already keep a detangling brush in your Fount bag at all times, this needs to be first on your list. All my new clients get a detangling brush in their Heyday Home Care Kit because it’s THAT important. A detangling brush won’t rip through your hair but will gently remove knots and tangles… break out that bad boy when you get in and out of cars and whenever you’re taking off your coat and scarf. Get over the fact that you’ll be brushing your hair more than you did before extensions – it’s a lifestyle, honey! Also – have you considered piling your hair up in a gorgeous, fat topknot with a giant scrunchie and rocking some big earrings to that holiday social gathering? Or testing out one of @hairbychrissy’s many bubble braid variations? (Come on, I know you’ve saved a few of those videos, don’t try to tell me you haven’t!) Of course we love your vibe with that 18-22” hair worn down, but with the Heyday Hand-Tied Method you’ve got the option to wear your hair up quite comfortably, so don’t let a few tangles get in the way of your enjoying a cozy night in this season.
  2. DEEP CONDITIONING: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – what your hair and extensions need even more this time of year is a little extra TLC in the form of a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment or mask – on the regular. That’s right – it’s okay to use a mask in place of your regular conditioner this time of year, or at least commit to adding a deep conditioning treatment into your routine every time you shampoo. At every #heydayhandtied maintenance appointment, we treat our clients’ tresses to a complimentary conditioning treatment at the bowl, but you don’t have to wait 6-8 weeks to give your hair a little extra love! Some of my favorite treatments are available to take home and use in your shower! My favorite standby is Iles Formula Haute Performance Hair Mask which offers an incredible dose of moisture your locks need right now. Ask to try this upgraded treatment in the hot towel wrap at your next appointment – or better yet, pick one up to use yourself at home!
  3. SLEEPING: Are you a wild sleeper?! Listen, some of you may claim to wake up in the same position you fell asleep in and your hair is still a rat’s nest when you get out of bed in the morning! There are a couple ways to manage this. Loosely braiding your hair at night, whether a single braid or pigtails if you’re a back-sleeper, is a surefire way to contain the tangles and -bonus- wake up with hair that needs minimal restyling! Take it one step further by investing in a silk pillowcase and/or gently wrapping your hair up in a silk turban to tame your nighttime tresses AND feel a little bit more like a princess, too!
  4. MAINTENANCE APPOINTMENTS: What we do at every appointment has a major impact on the moisture levels of your hair! Skipping the bleach at every single appointment and instead opting for lowlights to keep your blonde feeling bright (I promise, it works!) and/or a simple smudge + tone to keep your grow-out less noticeable and more intentional will save you from the drying effects of over-processing your fine hair. Heck, you can even forego the color and opt for just a shampoo + deep conditioning treatment to get your locks feeling lush again! Reducing the time between your maintenance appointments is another factor when it comes to keeping your hair in tip-top condition. While it’s not necessary for everyone, those experiencing significant tangling might be better off coming in at the 5-week mark for a simple conditioning treatment and move-up and saving the color for every 10-weeks. I have a handful of clients with very fine, fuzzy hair that is prone to tangling, and the reduced time between appointments has been a game-changer not only in protecting their natural hair from the breakage that comes with excessive tangling, but also for keeping their extension hair in great shape.
  5. GETTING REGULAR TRIMS: Have we all seen the viral video going around on social media of a woman pulling yarn through a piece of cardboard to show what happens when you do (and don’t!) get regular trims? Hair grows on average about a half-inch each month. By dusting the ends and keeping split ends under control, your hair WILL grow out and continue to be healthy versus becoming a hot mess of split ends that are way more likely to tangle and break! Don’t skip that trim, ladies! You think I’m cutting your length, but I promise you, the only way to grow longer, healthier hair that is less likely to tangle is by keeping your split ends in check!
  6. OPTING FOR A SHORTER CUT: If you ARE on board for more than a trim, this one’s for you! Yes, I know some of you are emotionally attached to your 22s but I speak the truth – opting for a shorter cut and maybe even reducing your hand-tied hair to a single row for the winter might just be the answer to your tangle-free prayers. Curious? Bring it up to your artist at your next appointment and we’ll happily give you our pro opinion on what is best for your hair!

What tips and tricks will you be trying out to keep your hair healthy, moisturized, and tangle-free this winter?



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