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Typical white-box studio models and booth-leasing options can be limiting for the artists who want to offer an elevated guest experience, expand their earning potential, and prioritize their own wellness at the same time.

Collective artists can enjoy their independence with one of multiple unique leasing options, while also benefiting from being able to offer concierge-level service from the moment their guest walks into the salon. At The Nest, studio life no longer means eating lunch in your car or in the hallway - our second floor cafe and outdoor lounge offer space to rest and breathe.

An elevated experience for both artists and guests

For over a decade, Erin and Tim have been scribbling notes and drawing floor plans on cocktail napkins over dinner dates… plans they knew would one day bring about the creation and evolution of Heyday Collective.

As a former studio owner herself, Erin knew how attractive studio ownership could be, however she felt there were things missing from the typical studio model that limited her growth potential as an independent artist and business owner. Upon leaving her studio and opening her boutique luxury salon, Heyday Collective: The Atelier in Ohio City, Erin still felt called to create a space for other independent artists to be able to thrive and enjoy the career of their dreams, prioritizing both an elevated guest experience AND their own health and well-being.

Over the years, Tim tirelessly listened to Erin’s ever-growing vision and has supported and encouraged her out-of-the-box ideas from day one. While Erin continues to pursue salon leadership and artist development, Tim is behind the scenes making calls, arranging meetings, and opening doors to make their Collective vision a reality for artists across Northeast Ohio.

Erin + Tim Frazee

Behind the Collective...

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Common physical spaces and community education opportunities have been incorporated into the design and vision for our Collective to encourage camaraderie and community among our artists.

Too often we’ve heard independent stylists complain of loneliness, isolation, and burnout in typical studio environments - something we're working hard to amend. As part of a thriving Collective of independent artists, you'll have the opportunity to connect, to learn, to inspire and to be inspired.

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